About Filmbyn

At Filmbyn (Film Village) you can experience scenes from classical children’s films, e.g. Emil in Lönneberga, the Bullerby children and Pippi Longstocking. Step into the world of film via a magical exhibition, created in the spirit of Astrid Lindgren. You’ll see classical film clips, original props and get to sing along with movie music. And, while you’re there, you might like to visit our café, our shop and one or other of the 12 filming locations nearby, such as Katthult and Bullerby. Welcome to Mariannelund!

Filmbyn, the Film Village
Filmbyn offers locally produced culture and local food.
The Emil films were shot in the hamlet of Mariannelund in the early 1970s, with many local contractors, committed organisations and people involved in the making of the films – including as extras. A studio was built in Folkets hus – a community meeting place – and the films were edited at Mariannelund folk high school, which hosted the film production work as well as providing accommodation for all the actors.

Filmbyn showcases original props from the village as well as Pippi’s kitchen, Ronja’s castle and digital adventure experiences linked to the films, in which you can hoist yourself up the flagpole as Emil did with Ida or leap across Hell’s Gap like Ronja and Birk.

SKOGEN restaurant serves genuine Småland meatballs made to a secret recipe using meat sourced from local farmers and accompanied by krösa – jam made with lingonberries from the nearby forest – and mashed potatoes from Mörlunda.

A warm welcome to FILMBYN awaits you from Ingela, whose grandmother played with Astrid and her siblings at various country gatherings around Vimmerby as a child. Ingela is operations manager at the attraction and will guide you around the exhibition and tell you what really happened during filming etc.

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