Outdoors and nature

At Filmbyn we can offer you wonderful opportunities for outdoor life, for example our new fairytale-like hiking tours! The “Seven fairytale-like hiking tours” all start and end at Filmbyn, and takes you out into the wonderful nature of Småland. This is soft adventure at its best!

The tours take you to unique and interesting places, and each have an imaginative connection to a theme, a fairy tale, a film or a character from the magical world of Astrid Lindgren. All tours are half-day tours between 2 and 7 kilometers, and bring to mind the nature in Astrid Lindgren’s wonderful film world! Bring along your friends, family, or relatives, or hike on your own.

The brochures with map, directions and curiosities can be bought at the reception at Filmbyn Småland. Buy one individual, or all seven of them!

We want to thank Astrid Lindgren’s Hembygd for partial support for the project!

We have received leader support from Astrid Lindgren’s Hembygd to develop our company with funding from the EU and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

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